Our Patients Speak


For six years or so I had pain in my left low back, especially if I tried to sleep on my left side or if I sat too long. Occasionally pain would shoot into my left leg. For relief, I tried muscle relaxants and Excedrin. I knew very little about chiropractors since most M.D.’s don’t recommend their patients to chiropractors.

After two weeks of chiropractic about half my pain was gone. It took about three months of regular adjustments to get me down to about ten percent of my original pain. I feel great now.

Albert A., Retired Postal Service, Newport



During my final two weeks of marathon training, I felt a sharp pain in my back while lifting weights. In the following weeks, I had tightness in my right hip that prevented full leg extension during my runs.

When I walked into your office on Wednesday I couldn’t run more than three miles without great pain. The pain in my hip subsided quickly. My friend massaged my back the night before the race. I had doubts about my ability to finish, despite the fact that that’s was my ninth marathon. I completed Grandma’s Marathon (Duluth, MN) in 3:05:15, which qualified me for Boston.

My advice? See a chiropractor early.

E.T.A., Navy Pilot, Middletown



The problem was intense pain from my lower back reaching down my right leg. It prevented me from lifting anything heavy. Golf, which was a passion for me, became impossible. The problem started years ago after lifting my dog. I had frequent and sometimes constant pain since then. I used over-the-counter aspirin, which gave only temporary relief.

The first visit to this office was in August. After about five adjustments I was feeling better. A month went by at two visits per week, and I knew I was on the road to recovery from years of pain. Any back pain I get now is occasional and mild. Chiropractic has made a major difference in my life. I enjoy golf again and play to a five handicap.

Another interesting effect of the adjustments is that I’ve noticed I’m a healthier person. The three or four colds, or the dreaded flu bug I had been stricken with for years, are gone. At the most, I get maybe two days of discomfort from a cold per year

Christopher J. A., Portsmouth



Dating from an auto accident years before, I had episodes of severe back and shoulder pain. Sometimes it went down my right leg, kept me awake at night and made sitting or riding in the car very uncomfortable. I went through two terrible episodes, one where the ambulance took me to the hospital.

I had sought relief from neurologists and orthopedic doctors. The medication wasn’t helping much. Frankly, I thought chiropractors were voodoo doctors. Finally, after a lot of pain and suffering, my daughter convinced me to try chiropractic, which I did in December. I began to respond after the first adjustment. Within three weeks I was considerably better and continued to improve. I am now almost totally pain-free. I wish I had listened to people and sought chiropractic help years ago.

Hillie W. A., Portsmouth



I first utilized chiropractic in Brunswick, Maine. Our next-door neighbors were chiropractors and recommended I try it for my lower backache and severe menstrual pain. Also for the stress that accompanied my professional life—teaching pre-school. It was difficult to turn my head left or right very far. I’d had the problem for some while. I had sustained several falls as a child. I had been on Motrin for many years for dysmenorrhea (menstrual cramping). Severe lower back pain and twinges in the buttock areas accompanied this

The chiropractic adjustment helped considerably. Then I stopped for five months and began experiencing bad “twinges” in my lower back and buttocks. Also, I couldn’t turn my neck well anymore. I resumed chiropractic care in February, with visits three times a week. My neck is much better and the twinges are minimal.

Gail W. A., Portsmouth



I strained my back at work, stretching over to one side. My employer sent me to a medical doctor. I was out of work for three months, mostly flat on my back. Finally, I went back to work, painfully at first. Again I stretched a little too much, and again the pains. I couldn’t take to the idea of lying around again for three months, so I made an appointment with Dr. Marsh.

In about three weeks (no time lost from work) I was well. I’ve been well ever since. Since I have to stretch a lot at work I was told that there was no guarantee against future trouble, but with the help, I got so fast I’m not going to worry about it. Dr. Ron Marsh, the chiropractor, is at the top of the list in my life.

Thankfully yours,

Rachel P., Portsmouth



A friend of mine recommended chiropractic care after I was out of work or a total of 26 weeks. I worked as a certified nursing assistant in a nursing home, which involves a lot of lifting of some residents sometimes twice your weight. The pain in my lower back was awful. I couldn’t walk. I had numbness radiating down my right leg and foot. All this involved a lot of doctors and a lot of physical therapy [no mention of chiropractors]. The pain was always there, some days worse than others.

I’ve noticed I don’t need any medication. No more pain killers or muscle relaxers. I can’t describe how good I feel after four months of chiropractic. I’m back to work 40 hours a week. I feel great. I recommend chiropractic to anyone.

Maria P., Warren



I had shoulder pain that went down through my left arm. It had become constant over the past six weeks before I consulted Dr. Marsh, and doing my work made it worse. The pain lessened on weekends, but it was still present.

I had used chiropractors in the past for back problems, so I was fairly sure that this could help me. I started to feel better after two or three visits and was pain-free after six to eight. I feel good now. As an extra benefit, the monthly low back pain has improved a lot, and so have my sinuses, which had brought on headaches in the past.

Darlene O., Portsmouth



I started chiropractic care in October. My specific complaint was hip pain, and my hope was to get some relief. I did not have any other expectations. With chiropractic adjustments, my hip pain was eliminated. I continued with adjustments even though my feeling was since my problem has been solved, why continue? I am very happy that I did.

After an unsuccessful attempt at conceiving a second child with fertility drugs (it worked with our first), my husband and I gave up. Then, in January, three months after I began chiropractic care, we were able to conceive naturally, without drugs. Furthermore, this pregnancy was without symptoms I had experienced during my first: carpal tunnel, swollen feet, and aching joints. In September I delivered a healthy baby boy at home.

Both of my children, along with me, get chiropractic care for optimal health.

Margaret E., Middletown